AllMojo Management Services


AllMojo Management, LLC provides career management, business management, and creative guidance for recording artists and music-related businesses.


Founded in 1997 by attorney/CPA Stephen Easley, the AllMojo team offers music business professionals with decades of experience who draw on their broad range of skills to assist you in achieving your full potential.





Artist Management


• Personal management and artist development, career direction, advice, and guidance with every facet of your career.

• Working relationships with booking agents, song publishers, music supervisors, producers & record labels.

• Working with you to identify, select and negotiate with other music industry team members, including lawyers, business managers, booking agents, accountants, and even subsequent management. 

• Over 30 years of combined music industry experience.


Royalty/Trademark Management

• Negotiate, license and administer song and master recording rights with film, television and advertising supervisors.

• Professional relationships with performance rights societies, music supervisors, filmmakers and advertisers.

• Develop and create trademarks and other IP rights to create additional revenue opportunities for artist.

• Created and directed Buddy Holly Licensing, LLC to administer copyrights, trademarks, and other IP rights for Estate of this original member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.




• With our music industry, accounting and legal backgrounds, we consult on strategy and career development.